New Research Study on FASD in Ireland

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Recruitment opens soon for FASDcare: a study on the experience of caregivers of people with FASD in Ireland.

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) are a range of conditions that can occur following exposure to alcohol before birth. Prenatal alcohol exposure is the most common preventable cause of intellectual disability. A majority of individuals with FASD are never diagnosed and they lack much needed support and services.

It is estimated that Ireland’s prevalence rate of FASD is the third in the world, but people living here experience profound inequities in support and access to assessment and diagnosis for FASD.

Our study aims to try to begin to understand the challenges facing those living with FASD and their families and loved ones. In the coming weeks we will open an online anonymous survey for parents/caregivers of people living with FASD on the island of Ireland. We want to reach as many caregivers as we can and hope that the findings of this study will highlight the inequities experienced by those with FASD and promote change; change such that FASD is no longer an invisible disability in our society, and change in the system to allow those with FASD to thrive.

This research is being carried out by Dr Katy Tobin of Trinity College Dublin, in collaboration with Alcohol Forum Ireland, ENDpae and funded by the Irish Research Council.

The FASDcare study will be advertised here, and on twitter through @tobinkaty and @endpae

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