NDpae Supports

Children have a right to have their needs met, and parents deserve support to meet those needs. Check out a list of of supports and services for those impacted by NDpae.

Supports required by those with NDpae may involve professionals such as:

People with NDpae will have mental health problems, often receiving multiple psychiatric diagnoses. It is important that psychiatrists, mental health workers and workers in the educational system and within the legal/justice system fully understand the disabilities of NDpae.

  • CAMHS – for mental health support and continued management of ADHD and other conditions.
  • Autism Spectrum Services – many of our NDpae children meet the threshold for ASD diagnosis.
  • Speech and Language Therapists – social and communication skills.
  • Occupational Therapists – for identifying and supporting sensory processes.
  • Educational Psychologists or others – to make assessments and give support in school settings.


Our children can have a wide range of medical issues such as epilepsy, heart defects, skeletal issues, compromised immune systems and compromised auditory function, to list but a few.

Ten Magic Keys For Coping

  1. Use concrete language with your child
  2. Be consistent, keep to routine
  3. Think Can’t not Won’t.
  4. Use repetition – learning takes longer
  5. Keep things simple
  6. Be specific
  7. Have a structure
  8. Lots of supervision
  9. Get all the help you can
  10. Be good to yourself – get rest

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